“New Crobuzon was a huge plague pit, a morbific city. Parasites, infection and rumour were uncontainable.”
“Tenía dieciseis años y la vida en los labios.”
La sombra del viento


What whaaat finished Cinder this evening after only a few hours, and I guess I need to get Scarlet and Cress too — lots of things to resolve!

The cutesy wish-fulfillment romance was a bit silly, but I love where the story is going. Marissa Meyers has some fantastic world-building and sets up her plot hints and reveals so well. Super excited to see how all these fairy tales are developed in the context of this futuristic kingdom.

Pretty sure I figured out the “twist” in Cinder less than 100 pages in….
But we’ll see. I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be a bad outcome for the story either way!

Just started reading Cinder and I’m really enjoying it.


Finally got my bookshelves organized. I love the Barnes & Noble children’s classics.


Finally got my bookshelves organized. I love the Barnes & Noble children’s classics.


More of that dream home shit.

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This book was an epic, twisty, time-jumping adventure and I loved it.

But I don’t know if it really “embodies” strampunk. There were no alternate history trchnologies — alternate history, certainly, but more focused on magic, politics, and society than wacky inventions. It defeats the steampunk trope of a scientist character who defies the odds and changes the world in some way (or just England).

However, it contains all the social norm-breaking elements that would earn it a “punk” in its genre name, so I’m going to dub it “timepunk” which could so be a subset of hard sci fi or steampunk. The Anubis Gates winds its way through time loops, discusses the struggles of the lower class and beggars, the lifestyles and adventures of poets, the political turmoil between England and Egypt, and has lots and lots of magical shenanigans.

It is wonderful, and I would so recommend it.

“Imagine a un Julian Carax con mis anyos sosteniendo aquella imagen en sus manos, tal vez a la sombra del mismo arbol que me amparaba a mi. Casi me parecia verle, sonriente, seguro de si, contemplando un futuro tan amplio y luminoso como aquella avenida, y por un instante pense que no habia mas fantasmas alli que los de la ausencia y la perdida, y que aquella luz que me sonreia era de prestado y solo valia mientras la pudiera sostener con la mirada, segundo a segundo.”
Daniel Sempere, La sombra del viento